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FEi has worked in most U.S. states and many local governments on behavioral health-related information services and technology. Additionally, we have collaborated with a number of states, providing LTSS systems support to Medicaid organizations as they implement a variety of available waiver programs. We provide a diverse array of information service and technology solutions to meet state needs.

As examples, we create software solutions to manage health records, track and improve healthcare performance, implement new policy, apply for grants, and implement industry best practice. We also provide technical assistance and training for such systems, and for healthcare-related topics.

States, Counties, and Territories

FEi has worked in a majorty of US States and territories. The map below highlights states where FEi has current contracts.

Highlight: The State of Maryland

Within our home state of Maryland, FEi Systems has worked extensively with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, deploying a variety of WITS modules and a comprehensive eLTSS solution.

Maryland departments where WITS solutions have been implemented include the Behavioral Health & Disabilities Agency, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Agency (ADAA), Developmental Disabilities Agency (DDA), Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC), Health Care Financing (HCFA), and Health Services (HAS).

The Maryland LTSS program spans several programs, such as the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program, the Community Options (CO) waiver program, the Community First Choice (CFC) waiver program, the Brain Injury waiver program, and the Medical Assistance Personal Care (MAPC) program. FEi also provides hosting services, help desk support, and an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution for Maryland DHMH.