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EVV Management Made Easy

The CareVisit mobile app is your mobile EVV support for LTSS service delivery. It allows caregivers to nimbly review schedules and services, confirm provided services, capture signatures—and much more!

Key Features

  • Identify planned activities and times using Scheduler module
  • Confirm provider, client, location, and visit start time
  • Access client Care Plan with task detail
  • Use GPS triangulation and mileage tracking
  • Clock-in and clock-out
  • Document services provided
  • Report client incidents experienced during service visit
  • Capture client and caregiver signature
  • Support secure communications and messaging

Key Benefits

  • Provides review of daily and weekly schedule
  • Enables user to view visit schedules
  • Supports unplanned appointment
  • Facilitates real-time service management and documentation
  • Provides client- and caregiver-centric experience
  • Enhances adherence with Care Plan
  • Includes robust device and data security
  • Informs staff about client health and safety via alerts
  • Reduces opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse through GPS geofencing technology

For more information on FEi System’s EVV solution CareVisit, or to schedule a demo, please contact Gwen Williams at Gwen.Williams@feisystems.com or (443) 380-4695.