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WITS is a web based application designed to meet the growing need to capture client services (substance abuse and mental health prevention & treatment) data.  WITS satisfies mandatory government reporting requirements for the planning, administration, and monitoring of Inpatient and Outpatient Behavioral Health Treatment Programs, Prevention Programs, Problem Solving Courts, Gambling Addictions Programs and Federal Grant Management programs. WITS facilitates cooperation and collaboration among providers by enabling the sharing of client services information via the web. WITS includes robust billing capabilities and an integrated contract management module allowing for multiple forms of provider management and billing between the government entity and its community of providers.

WITS consists of numerous clinical, administrative and reporting modules that are organized by the workflow process, giving any organization a great deal of control to customize their system.

FEi partnered with federal, state, and local government agencies, to provide guidance to the behavioral health community around the issues states, counties, and providers encountered in their move towards integrated state Health Information Exchanges (HIE).

The WITS Collaborative community has additional exposure to state of the art national concepts and solutions such as:

  • Consensus-based behavioral health records standards that are compatible with national treatment data standards.
  • Interoperability between primary care providers and patients.
  • Enforcement of patient privacy enacted under 42 CFR Part 2, which is unique to behavioral health treatment.

For more information about WITS or to schedule a demo, please contact Jennifer Conrad at Jennifer.Conrad@feisystems.com