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FEi has maintained active participation on a number of standards bodies working to advance effective, secure communications between healthcare entities.  As a recent example, FEi is participating as a full committed member of the ONC sponsored electronic Long-term Services and Supports (eLTSS) Initiative. The eLTSS Initiative will follow ONC’s S&I Framework process and focus on identifying and harmonizing standards that will enable the creation, exchange and re-use of interoperable, person-centric service plans for use by providers, beneficiaries and payers. Additionally, FEi has collaborated with federal and state governments to implement systems that comply with data standards to facilitate flexible, secure exchange of patient information between behavioral health and primary care providers.

Other FEi Data Standards Activities Include:

  • Privacy standards (such as 42 CFR part II)
  • Government reporting standards (such as GRPA compliance)
  • Disability access standards (such as Section 508 compliance)
  • Security standards for data, network, and facilities
  • Data gathering and data quality standards
  • Research study standards