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Chris White is the Chief Development Officer at FEi Systems and has the primary responsibility to define and implement FEi’s short and long-term growth strategies, identify new markets, lead product development, and coordinate with research and development.

Mr. White has strong experience across the spectrum of health information technology (IT): product innovation, identifying high-level business requirements, designing IT solutions, coordinating vendor and partner management, assisting with solution implementation, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

He is particularly adept at identifying new target markets and grant opportunities, and developing comprehensive approaches that specifically meet the needs of those markets. He brings a unique skill set to health IT solutioning—combining subject matter expert consulting, software products, and partners to effectively deliver innovative solutions for FEi’s customers. Mr. White brings expert skills to facilitating business growth by closely collaborating with clients and various business partners. With strong communication skills, he builds and maintains a wide range of contacts across the healthcare industry.

Mr. White is a graduate of Loyola High School and the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Arts in Bio-Psychology. Mr. White also worked for three years as a Research Coordinator at Stanford University School of Medicine where he contributed to each stage of the research lifecycle, from conception to publication, focusing on brain imaging.