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Carity collects information related to medical, technical, and financial eligibility needed to make decisions on waiver or program enrollment. Having this information in one integrated system allows users to view a longitudinal care record across programs. It improves communication between agencies responsible for each step of the care management process. Carity integrates screening and standardized assessment results into a person-centered Plan of Service that ultimately produces service authorizations used for validating claims information.

How Can We Help You? Carity can provide such waiver management services as:

  • Support for Person-Centered Plan of Care
  • Documenting every step in the waiver management process
  • Tracking and monitoring the flow of information
  • Automatically determining Level of Care
  • Documenting rich Plan of Service data
  • Calculating risks and budgets for services
  • Alerting staff members of tasks needing completion
  • Alerting stakeholders when actions are taken or something is required
  • Automated claims generation processing

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For more information on FEi System’s LTSS solution Carity, or to schedule a demo, please contact Gwen Williams at Gwen.Williams@feisystems.com or (443) 380-4695.