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We developed an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system called CareVisit. It can be operated either as a component of a larger Carity LTSS system, or as stand-alone module.

It is designed to operate across any Medicaid waiver or HCBS program and is currently used by more than 7,000 providers. The CareVisit Module allows state agencies and case managers to monitor the delivery of in-home community-based services. This results in reduced waste, fraud and abuse while providing a much more accurate connection between service delivery and electronic claims.

CareVisit EVV Features

  • Voice print verification phone system
  • Capability to support GPS-enabled device with phone-based app for clock-in and clock-out with location verification
  • Integration with a low-cost OTP (One Time Password) device for use in remote locations
  • Fully integrated web-application for reporting
  • Direct billing component which interoperates with a State’s Eligibility and MMIS systems
  • Role-based Security module with multiple levels of access control
  • Ad-hoc reporting allowing non-technical users to build and generate reports against the database
  • CareVisit mobile EVV app
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For more information on FEi System’s LTSS solution Carity, or to schedule a demo, please contact Gwen Williams at Gwen.Williams@feisystems.com or (443) 380-4695.