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FEi Systems understands States’ evolving requirements for information technology to provide flexible Long Term Services and Support systems (LTSS). We’ve developed a software system, Carity, that can be deployed using either a modular or integrated approach.

Our services include all phases of system deployment, from initial design and analysis through implementation and support of a fully functional LTSS management system. Our primary goal is to allow our customers to customize the system in order to support all of their unique business needs.

Carity, our electronic LTSS solution addresses the requirements of:

  • Multiple screeners and assessments (e.g., interRAI-HC, interRAI-CHA, and ICAP)
  • Medicaid Waiver Programs and State Plan Services
  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers
  • Money Follows The Person (MFP) Rebalancing Grant Programs
  • Balancing Incentive Payments (BIP) Programs
  • Community First Choice (CFC)
  • Health Homes
  • Developmental Disability

For more information on FEi System’s LTSS solution Carity, or to schedule a demo, please contact Gwen Williams at Gwen.Williams@feisystems.com or (443) 380-4695.

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