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Turn Your Prevention Data into Meaningful Information

Prevention WITS directly supports efforts by State agencies, Tribal organizations, Providers and US territories to implement SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

WITS provides full functionality for tracking all prevention activities within the state and its regions or service areas. WITS contains a multi-dimensional Prevention Plan and allows contracted agencies to implement against that plan. Implementation data is collected based on the workflow of the users, allowing for rapid but thorough collection of data required by the Block Grant, SPF-SIG, PFS and other required reporting mechanisms. All data collected can be used for subsequent evaluation, assessment and planning activities.

Screens and Features Overview

  • SPF-SIG Logic Model tracking and reporting
  • Block Grant data collection and reporting
  • Indicated population allows billing
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Coalition development
  • Funding and Outcomes data collection

Easy Access to Your Data

  • Consolidates participant activity reports from multiple prevention agencies
  • Provides prevention data access through easy-to-use screens and user reporting tools
  • Users view and share data on community goals, objectives, indicators, program attendance, and progress toward all initiatives
  • Eliminates cumbersome paper forms and turn data into meaningful information

Data Collection, Effective User Workflow

  • Populations served
  • All data populates to block grant reports
  • Client information for indicated services

System Configured To Meet User Needs

  • Program cost monitoring
  • Automated review and approval of Prevention Plans
  • Ability to add new strategies to address emerging prevention issues without additional cost
  • Integrated scheduling and group notes
  • Manage workflow and data collection

WITS Customer Collaboration

  • Scheduled and structured sessions with all Prevention customers
  • Invaluable opportunity to communicate, share, and learn with colleagues facing the same challenges on Prevention topics
  • Dynamic system constantly evolves and improves due to customer enhancements
  • Users can flexibly integrate these enhancements into their own systems

Long-Term Vendor Commitment and Trust

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsive team available to assist with questions and needs
  • Extensive background partnering with federal, state, and local governments across the country
  • Company commitment towards fostering customer collaboration, cost sharing, and innovation


Prevention WITS Features