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FEi Part of Successful SAMHSA SPARS Launch


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) now has a robust, consolidated, and centralized online data resource platform to support the agency and its grantees.
SPARS Website

With the launch of the new SAMHSA Performance Accountability and Reporting System (SPARS) information technology system, SAMHSA and its grantees now have access to a complex online data entry, reporting, technical assistance request, and training system. The technological problem was to replace three parallel legacy systems, the Services Accountability Improvement System (SAIS), the Transformation Accountability System (TRAC), and the Prevention Management Reporting and Training System (PMRTS) systems.

The technology team that delivered this platform to production within an impressive 6 months was led by RTI International and subcontractors FEi Systems, the Center for Social Innovation, The Cloudburst Group, and Arch Systems. FEi Systems led such efforts as software development, data migration from the legacy systems to SPARS, and the integration of a single sign-on for multiple modules.

SPARS helps SAMHSA’s grantees by providing data entry, data validation and verification, data management, data analysis support, and reporting capabilities, all accessible through a single website. Grantees can also generate reports that will help them with continuous quality improvement and performance monitoring.

In turn, SPARS allows SAMHSA to efficiently conduct grant performance monitoring, program planning, and policy decisions. SAMHSA uses data from SPARS to report to stakeholders and Congress on its grantee program’s successes. SPARS helps SAMHSA meet the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 and the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010.

FEi SPARS Project Director Bear Polk stated that “the timeline was extremely aggressive, the challenges were considerable, but the outcome is remarkable.” With RTI International’s strong leadership, the FEi technical team was able to meet the challenging goal of moving to production within 6 months. Mr. Polk noted that with the launch of SPARS, “SAMHSA grantees can now use a single online system to efficiently enter, review, and report timely and accurate data to SAMHSA.”

For more information, please contact Bear Polk at Bear.Polk@feisystems.com.