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SAMHSA CURES/STR Grants Available for all States


Your CURES/STR grant was due February 17. How will you use the award to serve your community? Talk with us to:

  1. Improve your overall block grant data collection for prevention and treatment
  2. Manage all funding received as it is distributed to your providers; show how it is spent and client outcomes based on the funding
  3. Track State Planning data and subsequent activities against those, including interactions with the community, prescribers and treatment providers
  4. Unify your assessment tools: use ASAM CONTINUUM­™ to more accurately assess a client’s needs for level of care and OPT services/management
  5. Implement an online, state-wide Methadone/OTP registry
  6. Expand your crisis center intervention and assessment outreach to connect those who overdose with appropriate community services

Contact Us

We’re here to help find the best solution that meets your unique needs and achieves your grant requirements. To learn more, please contact Jennifer Conrad at Jennifer.Conrad@feisystems.com.