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FEi Receives Award Notification of Multiple Domains for SAMHSA IDIQ


Press Release: FEi Receives Award Notification of Multiple Domains for SAMHSA IDIQ

FEI Systems was notified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of awards in each of the domain categories where the company submitted proposals.  The SAMHSA IDIQ, which is expected to officially begin in May 2012—covers  a wide range of service areas in five categorical domains:

Domain I—Feasibility, Pilot and Evaluation Projects
Domain II—Statistical Projects
Domain III—Health  System Analysis, Economics and Financing
Domain IV—Technical Assistance and Training Projects
Domain V—Logistical and Administrative Support

Essentially, FEI has the potential for contract work in four of the five domains.  FEI is a prime contractor in two domains:
•    Domain 2 (Small Business) – Statistical Projects
•    Domain 4 (Large Business) – Technical  Assistance and Training

In addition,  FEi has contractual relationships to serve as a subcontractor to firms that were awarded in Domain 1 (Large Business), Domain 2 (Large Business), Domain 3 (Large Business), and Domain 4 (Small Business).  FEI is excited about the potential this award provides us continue and expand our important work with one of our primary clients.  FEI currently has multiple active contracts with SAMHSA; our expertise developed through multiple projects in electronic health records and behavioral health has the firm well positioned to collaborate with SAMHSA grantees including its State Block Grant recipients to implement health reform activities at the Federal, State and provider level.

Dr Jiao Gu, FEI President/CEO says,  “ FEI has served on SAMHSA projects since its inception in 1989.  We have enjoyed serving SAMHSA and its constituents in several long-term capacities and we have met the challenge of implementing several new initiatives such as ATR and SBIRT. We are honored to continue the relationship with SAMHSA and look forward to crossing another precipice as the agency ventures into the future of health reform.”