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FEi is Awarded Contract to Support National Disaster Medical System


FEi Systems (FEi) is pleased to announce a new award under the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has chosen FEI Systems to provide maintenance and support for the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Responders Management System (RMS), Disaster Management Information System (DMIS), Credentialing and Support Systems.

The NDMS is a federally coordinated system that augments the Nation’s medical response capability. The overall purpose of the NDMS is to supplement an integrated National medical response capability for assisting State and local authorities in dealing with the medical impacts of major peacetime disasters and to provide support to the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs medical systems in caring for casualties evacuated back to the U.S. from overseas armed conventional conflicts.

NDMS uses a range of computer applications to support readiness and deployment activities. These applications are developed in a variety of programming languages and use multiple varied architectures. DHHS relies on these integrated IT systems to track responders and their medical credentials.  NDMS responders are selected for deployments based on predefined deployment templates.  DMIS is used to ensure that the responders have the proper credentials to meet the needs of the deployment.  This process must meet all privacy requirements and interface with RMS and DMIS for streamlined operations.

NDMS includes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system module. During public health threats, medical emergencies, disasters or planned events, the successful delivery of emergency medical care is a necessary foundation for our nation’s emergency preparedness efforts. EMR system components allow for complete and accurate documentation of medical records to transition patients to local medical facilities for further medical attention once the immediate emergency response has stabilized.

Currently, NDMS has 7,856 employees who are federal employees and are used intermittently for federal deployments, authorized training, and day-to-day activities required to manage the 95 response teams within the system. NDMS also has approximately 1,700 participating hospitals that agree to receive patients during disasters and upon activation of the NDMS.