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FEi Awarded Contract by Colorado’s Health Information Exchange


FEi Systems has won a contract with Colorado’s Health Information Organization (CORHIO) to implement the Consent2Share tool. This project is funded by ONC’s Advanced Interoperability Grant and is targeted at modifying HIEs to allow patients to consent to sharing sensitive health information.

CORHIO and FEi, in collaboration with Colorado’s Medicaid Agency (HCPF) intend to use this grant funding to acquire, aggregate and share patient summary records from ambulatory, long term care and behavioral health providers with current and future users of the HIE.  The purpose of this project is to implement 42 CFR Part II compliant consent management that allows patients to control which provider organizations can access their health information for a specific time period.

Technical Aspects of Consent2Share

Our solution employs a wide range of Health IT standards such as SAML, XACML, HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD), HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA), HL7 Consent Directive, IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) registry and repository, IHE Cross Community Access (XCA), Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), Patient Identifier Cross-referring (PIX) and Patient Demographics Query (PDQ). Our solution also provides a built-in Drools business rules engine component that allow business users to manage rules related to general system behavior and certain common policies and regulations that impact the information exchange.

Contact Information

All inquiries regarding C2S or HIE consulting services should be directed to Kory Schnoor.

Read CORHIO’s press release here.


Consent2Share is an open source software application that allows patients to determine, through an online consent process, which health information they would like to share and not share with their primary and specialty health care providers.

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